Thursday, 17 May 2012

That's Not My Name!

Howdy. Howdy howdy howdy.
A man says, "Is Vijay all right?". A second man screams "VIIIIJJJJJAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY". Linear progression with increasing number of repetitions for each letter hurts the man's eyes. But it was 'screamt' and not read. So both mans(not men, mans) eyes are all right. For now.
The second man claps his hands, not entirely unlike Simple Jack did, back in 09.
The song starts. It isn't Flo Rida's Low, with  Les Grossman's booty swiveling.

That's not my name. *clapclap* That's not my name. *clapclap* 
'So what IS your name?' a third man asks.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
In the end he created JustLizha. Wish he hadn't.

PS- If you kept up with all of that. Well Done! Give yourself a clapclap on the back, and get ready. 

If you couldn't keep up, PRO tip- Learn to Google. Jaqen H'ghar expects little else from all of you. A man has spoken. 

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